Twisted Updates

Happy Valentines Day!

Get to Twisted and grab something Valentine-y today! Valentine-y image links: The Big Easy hat pattern by Spindleshanks (aka, our very own Vivian), Petal Necklace felting kit by Leigh Radford, Random Twisted buttons, Schulana’s Kid Seta, Kollage’s 1/2 & 1/2 yarn (now on clearance!), Lantern Moon Silk Taffeta bags, Namaste Monroe bag in Hollywood Pink, […]

New Project Bags

We really are the luckiest crafters in the universe. We are, quite literally, SURROUNDED by crafty folk here at Twisted, and in the greater Portland area. Just the other day, we were approached by a fantastic woman who has recently ventured into sewing these sweet and uber-functional project bags. Triana Project Bags are 100% hand-crafted […]

Fortune Cookie Notions Pouches

Try saying that five times fast! Or just stop by Twisted and grab one or two or three… Each little pouch is covered with floral satin in an Asian-inspired pattern and lined in a contrasting color. They measure 3″ long and all you do to open them is squeeze. Adorable and a great stocking stuffer […]

Progressive Sale LAST DAY

This is it, people, the final day for the best prices on the greatest deals. Or something like that. At any rate, if you come to Twisted today, one thing I can guarantee is that you will find some stellar deals on some great stuff. Certain areas of the shop looked a bit…decimated when I […]

New Lantern Moon goodies

Lantern Moon has a few new adorable notions out we just had to have! First of all, they’ve added three more crocheted tape measures to their repetoire. Also, we just got the most adorable set of notions bags. This set of three nesting, clam-shell style bags is available in five dramatic tafeta colors. Seriously, the […]

BYO… Bag!

Not beer – bag! Bring Your Own Bag to Twisted, and there’s a potential to get two discounts… The first is the Twisted Pride discount, which earns you 5% off of all purchases when you have something with our Twisted logo on your person – a bag, t-shirt, or sweatshirt. We’ve got new bags and […]

Sale of the Week #10: Bag-It

This week, we’re gonna give you something in which to carry all of that yarn you’ve been amassing during these Sales of the Week. Yeah, baby, you read that right, there’s a SALE OF THE WEEK ON BAGS! All Della Q and Jordana Paige bags are 25% off this week! Getcher bag-on, baby! And, remember, […]

New swag

Check out our fantabulous new Twisted swag! Let us begin with our collection of Twisted logo canvas tote bags. So many colors, so much high quality, 100% cotton construction… Just $10 – and don’t forget you get a 5% Twisted Pride discount when you bring it into the shop! And, the first in a line […]

SOW #3: Knitwear Care

Did you figure anything out from my Thursday Teaser? Doubt it, those Haikus were fairly vague. Without further adieu, here is our Sale of the Week: For our third Sale of the Week, we’d like to help you take better care of your knitwear. To that end, we are offering Knitwear Care for 25% off! […]

New Flower Pie project bags

We’ve got some amazingly cute and wonderful new project bags from local sewer extraordinaire Terese from Flower Pie, and, although we’d really like to keep them all for ourselves, we thought we’d share with you all. Terese has such a great eye for color, and puts the most amazing prints together. Her sewing is so […]

Mean Bean bags

We have a fresh shipment of Mean Bean bags here at Twisted. Fun new fabrics grace their adorable little be-zippered faces, and a smattering of sizes will satisfy any bag lover’s fondest fancies.


Namaste (Sanskrit: नमस्ते, Hindustani pronunciation: [nʌmʌsˈteː], from external sandhi between namaḥ and te) is a common spoken greeting or salutation in South Asia. It has multi-religious or else common usage where it may simply mean “I bow to you.” The word is derived from Sanskrit namas, to bow, obeisance, reverential salutation, and te, “to you”. […]