BYO… Bag!

Not beer – bag! Bring Your Own Bag to Twisted, and there’s a potential to get two discounts…

Twisted Canvas BagsThe first is the Twisted Pride discount, which earns you 5% off of all purchases when you have something with our Twisted logo on your person – a bag, t-shirt, or sweatshirt. We’ve got new bags and super flattering and adorable babydoll t’s to help you show your Twisted pride.

We are also implementing a bag credit any time you DON’T use one of our paper shopping bags. You’ll get a 5 cent credit on your purchase every time you bring your own bag and choose not to use one of ours. Easy-breezy way to save a bit, AND help the environment! And, if you bring a Twisted bag in, you’ll get 5 cents off AND 5% off! Yippie!!!