Twisted is Closing

Thank you for nearly 16 years! Read more here.


On January 6, 2020, Twisted announced that we would be closing our bricks and mortar storefront in Portland, Oregon and transitioning to online-only sales at the end of March 2020. Obviously, a lot has changed in the world since then. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our physical store closed a bit earlier than planned on March 17, 2020.

Being online only, we no longer have a retail storefront for in-person shopping. Our office/warehouse isn't open to the public, but we do offer curbside pickup/drop off times for local customers.

We're based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

We are online only as of March 2020, and we no longer have a bricks and mortar storefront for in-person shopping. Our office/warehouse isn't open to the public, but we do offer curbside pickup/drop off times for local customers.

Our office is in a cute renovated turn of the century warehouse building at 522 North Thompson Street in Portland, Oregon - just north of Broadway St and just east of Interstate Ave.

We're very concerned for the health of our customers, staff, and community.

Per OSHA, CDC, and state and local guidelines, we are doing as much as possible to maximize physical distancing, staggered schedules, working from home, and hygiene. All staff members are fully vaccinated and wear face masks when unable to observe physical distancing. Our team is in constant conversation to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable at work.

Please read more HERE

Twisted is committed to providing an environment that is safe and positive for customers and staff. We welcome all races, religions, countries of origin, languages, sexual orientations, genders, bodies, ages, skill levels, and abilities.

Read our full inclusivity policy here.

We try to be conscious of the environmental and social impacts of our actions - everything from which packaging materials we buy to where we make donations. Read more here.

You can view our full privacy policy here. Essentially, we take our responsibility to safeguard your information very seriously.

Enough customers requested this option that eventually we enabled the capability. While we sincerely appreciate when people leave tips we never, ever expect it! Only a small minority of orders include gratuity, most often if someone feels we somehow went above and beyond in a particular instance. The tip line is definitely not intended to imply an obligation or expectation whatsoever!

100% off tips go to team members.

Every two weeks we total the tips from that period, then split that amount among staff members (not the owner) on their paycheck based on how many hours each team member worked that pay period. So, team members who work more get a bigger share of the tips.

Sorry, we're not able to direct tips to a particular staff member.

Thank you for supporting our hard-working team!

As of 3/15/23 we have discontinued our Rewards Program. Read more on our Rewards Page.

Version/update/errata info for most current Twisted patterns can be found on the pattern's individual page. See a list of current Twisted patterns.

Quite a few awesome patterns that were initially released through Twisted have reverted to being sold solely by the designer. These patterns are listed HERE with a link to Ravelry so you can see or purchase the current, updated version directly from the designer. Errata for the old Twisted version of the pattern is also listed where applicable.


Helpful tips and questions about ordering from our shop

Breaks - Industry standard is that several breaks or knots is acceptable in an average skein or ball of yarn.

Gauge is important – do a gauge swatch before knitting your project. We cannot be held responsible if a customer uses the wrong needles or gets the wrong gauge.

Colors - Photos show accurate colors to the best of our ability, and we note yarns that are likely to have extra variation between lots and skeins. In particular, hand-dyed yarns will be different from lot to lot and skein to skein. In addition, all monitors are different so the skein you get is likely to differ somewhat from the color you see on the screen.

Superwash - Superwash yarns tend to grow when washed, especially when soaked. They tend to snap back when put in the drier briefly. Be sure to do a blocked gauge swatch for your project treating the swatch how you expect to treat the finished garment.

Wool - Non-superwash wools tend to shrink or felt if subjected to heat, damp, and friction. This is simply the natural, inherent character of most wool. All fibers must be properly cared for to last and wear well.

Bleeding - Many hand-painted, hand-dyed, and other yarns can bleed. Color may come off on the knitter’s needles, hands, and especially in the water the first several times items are washed. This is normal.

Natural Materials & Hand Crafted Items - Hand-painted and hand-dyed yarns, as well as all items made from natural materials like wood, are by their nature unique and one-of-a-kind. The item you receive will vary from what is pictured.

Single-Ply - Single-ply yarns, while gorgeous, are by their nature not as strong as plied yarns. They are more prone to breaking and, when within reason, this is normal and not a defect.

If you order multiple skeins of the same yarn, we will always try to send you skeins that are all from the same dyelot or - if a yarn doesn't have dyelots - that visually match.

Unfortunately, sometimes we don't have sufficient quantity of the same lot to fill an order. If you order more than one skein of the same yarn you'll be prompted on the Review Your Cart page to select your preference for what to do in this situation.

In most cases, no. We do our best to make sure the photos are representative of the product, but photographing every individual item would be more or less impossible. Hand-painted and hand-dyed yarns, as well as all items made from natural materials like wood, are by their nature unique and one-of-a-kind. The item you receive will vary from what is pictured.

Quantities listed as in-stock are accurate to the best of our knowledge. They reflect the actual number of that item we believe to be in our warehouse in Portland, Oregon.

Our listed available inventory quantity may occasionally turn out to be inaccurate. For example, it is possible that two customers may purchase an item at the exact same time.

If we are unable to fill your order as submitted for any reason, we will contact you as soon as possible to offer our apologies and a few possible solutions.

By placing an order, you agree to this and to work with us and our best, reasonable, efforts to resolve the problem.

As of late March 2020, we are an online only shop with no brick and mortar store front, so we do not anticipate re-starting any in person classes after the pandemic.

We do occasionally partner with teachers to offer group classes via Zoom. When available, they'll be listed here.

For yarns that we are able to wind, the option is shown on the product page. Check the box for yarn winding and that will be added to your cart along with the yarn.

If you only want some skeins wound, click here to specify how many skeins to wind and add that to your cart.

The heart of the issue is that winding yarn is time-consuming, which means it is expensive in labor costs.

Portland is an awesome city in an awesome state, which means our staff members' hourly wage is higher than it might be other places. We also provide paid sick leave, and of course there are payroll taxes, payroll processing costs, and unemployment insurance on top of wages.

When we were a brick-and-mortar shop, labor was nearer to a fixed cost. We were open set hours and team members could multi-task while winding yarn, so we didn't charge extra. We could offer advice while also winding, or tidy up the front counter, or quickly check out another customer.

We've found that as an online-only shop, though, the tasks that we're doing now just don't lend themselves well to multi-tasking. The way to get an order picked and packed correctly is to devote 100% of our attention to every order, every email, every time.

We did some tests and on average between big skeins and small skeins, skeins that wind easily and skeins that go bananas, a skein takes about 10 minutes to wind. We're looking for a more nuanced solution that could take into account both a yarn's price and yardage while also being easy for customers to use, but it's a challenge. The one-size-fits all $/skein approach is the best we've come up with for now. We're doing our best, but we know it's imperfect.

We love yarn and we love yarn-lovers and we hope you understand why we can't wind without an additional charge all the yarn our wonderful, valued, awesome customers buy. Thank you for supporting our small business and our team members!

Oregon doesn't have a state sales tax and our business only has one location (here in Oregon). So, we're not required to collect it from our customers. Woohoo!

Gift Certificates

Twisted will be closing soon so we have discontinued sales of gift cards.

gift card entry

At checkout enter the gift card number where indicated.

If your gift card or store credit balance is less than your total order, you can pay for the difference using an additional payment method. If you don't use the full gift card or store credit value, the remainder will stay ready to use with that same code for your next order.

Some older gift cards issued 10 or more years ago may have fewer digits than our current system allows. In this case, enter zeros (0) at the END of your gift card number so that it is 8 digits. For example, 1234 would become 12340000.

Check your gift card balance here.

Yes, you can use (redeem) multiple gift certificates on the same order. Just enter one code and apply it, then enter the next code and apply it. Any unused portion of the final gift certificate will remain tied to that code. If a balance is owing after apply all your gift certificates, you can pay via the method of your choice.


As a general rule, coupon codes cannot be combined. In other words, you can use only one coupon code per order.

You can use a coupon code and a gift card or store credit on the same order.

Ask us if you have questions about how discounts will apply to your particular purchase.

There are a few reasons your coupon code might not be working.

1. Is the coupon for Twisted ( Some of the products we carry are also sold by other retailers, but each store offers its own coupons. We don't monitor or honor coupons from other stores.

2. Is the coupon code definitely entered correctly? It's worth double checking. This happens a lot! For example, zeros (0) and capital Os (O) look alike. Try copying and pasting in the code.

3. Have you met the criteria for the coupon? Check the source (e.g., the email in which you received the code) to see if there are criteria you need to meet for the coupon to work. For example, you might need a certain product in your cart or a certain total cart value.

4. Has the coupon expired? Check the source (e.g., the email in which you received the code) to see if there is an expiration date listed. Coupons stop working after their expiration date.

5. Is the coupon just for you? If the coupon was sent just to you, including coupons generated from redeeming loyalty points, you will need to be logged in to use it. It means you're super special and the offer is just for you!

If you're still not able to use the coupon code, please let us know! You can send us an email using our contact form, or use the green chat bubble in the bottom right (not available on all browsers) to see if we're in the office currently.

Sorry, no. If you're having trouble with a coupon code, please reach out before placing your order! You can email us or use the chat bot. Once your order is placed and paid for, we cannot retroactively apply discounts. Thanks for understanding!

As of 3/15/23 we have discontinued our Rewards Program. Read more on our Rewards Page.

Shop Pay Installments

When you choose Shop Pay at checkout, you can split your purchase into 4 equal, 0% interest installment payments - with no additional, hidden, or late fees.

When checking out with Shop Pay, you now have the option to pay now or later. Paying in installments on Shop Pay allows you to split your purchase amount into 4 equal, biweekly installment payments—with 0% interest, no hidden or late fees, and no impact on your credit score.* In some instances, your first payment is due when you make your purchase; otherwise, your first payment is due 2 weeks after your purchase.

*Payment options are offered by Affirm and are subject to eligibility check and might not be available in all states. California residents: Affirm Loan Services, LLC is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight. Loans are made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law license.

No, there are no late fees if you miss a scheduled payment.

The installments option on Shop Pay is available on debit and credit cards.

If your refund amount is less than the amount remaining on your Shop Pay Installments balance, then you can expect one or both of the following: 

* A smaller payment balance on the final paymentLess future payments on the remaining loan balance.

* If your refund amount is more than the amount remaining on your Shop Pay Installments balance, then you can expect to receive the difference as a refund to your original debit card or credit card payment method within 3 to 10 business days. 

For questions about installment payments on Shop Pay, visit

For questions about Shop Pay or the Shop App, visit

Shipping & Pickup

Yes! We offer curbside pickup of orders/drop-off of returns at our warehouse. since we are closing soon, our last day for pickup will be Friday, 4/28/23.

See current days and times and more details here.

There are three reasons you might not immediately see local pickup as an option.

1. If nothing in your cart is physical (e.g., PDF patterns) then in some cases no shipping or pickup option might be shown at all.

2. The so-called "express" checkout options (except Shop Pay) are NOT compatible with local pickup. The express checkout buttons shown at the top of the first page during checkout speed up checkout by entering a lot of information for you. Unfortunately, this also means they blow past the warehouse pickup option and assume your order will be shipped. This is a software limitation in our e-commerce platform (Shopify) that, unfortunately, we cannot change. We agree those buttons are confusing as all get out!

3. If after clicking the checkout button on the cart page you immediately see a list of USPS shipping options, your browser has probably for one reason or another filled in a bunch of information for you and skipped over the "Information" page. (Computers... so helpful...) If this happens and you'd like to go back and select pickup instead, just click "Information" in the top left progress menu to go back and review that step.

Within the United States only, shipping by Twisted's choice of method is free for most items in most orders over $75 through 2/28/23. This threshold will change to $99 on 3/1/23.

Heavy, bulky, or fragile items that require special packaging (e.g., umbrella swifts) are NOT eligible for free shipping at our discretion. These items, as well as intangible items like classes or pattern downloads DO count toward your cart total so that other items can ship free if you select that option.

We will sometimes offer up imperfect or gently-used items for free because we hate throwing things out. Free items are not eligible for free shipping.

Pre-orders are treated as separate orders because they ship separately, so their free shipping eligibility will calculate separately from regular, in-stock items.

Otherwise, shipping charges are generated from an electronic quote provided by the USPS based on the order's estimated weight.

Read more about shipping policies here.


Orders are usually shipped within two business days.

Our small team is in the office most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We're closed weekends and holidays, as well as for a weeklong break each year in January and in July.

With our small team of 4 people, we are not always able to add sufficient capacity when order volume increases. We occaisonally work overtime, but it is never required of team members and mostly we don't.

If we have questions about your order, we will pull it aside and try to contact you before shipping it. In general, if we don't hear back from you in four days then we'll make our best guess to resolve whatever issue popped up and go ahead and package up your order.


The approximate estimated shipping timeline for each available shipping option is shown at checkout. These are in addition to our in-store handling time noted above. They are NOT guaranteed delivery times. Holidays, the pandemic, inclement weather, and other unforeseen events will delay shipping.

If you've selected a shipping method that includes tracking, you'll receive an automated email with a tracking number when your order ships, another email when it is out for delivery, and a final email when it has been delivered.

Read more about shipping policies here.

We ship most orders with delivery tracking. Exceptions are noted with shipping method choices at checkout. Please consider the insurance and tracking options for each shipping method noted at checkout. Cheaper options may not include insurance and tracking, which limits your recourse in the event of a lost package.

When applicable, your tracking number will be automatically emailed to you when your package ships. Please check your inbox for this email. If you don't see it, try checking your spam folder. In addition, you will receive an email when the package is out for delivery and again when the package has been delivered.

Read more about shipping policies here.

All shipped orders automatically include insurance of up to $200 against loss, damage, and theft. In addition, we offer optional, upgraded protection available to purchase at checkout.

Read more and learn how to file a claim.


Route shipping insurance provides optional protection for shipments that are lost, broken, or stolen. The cost averages about 1.5% of your total order value (before discounts) and will be calculated automatically at checkout.

Add Route to your cart where indicated at checkout to enable protection. To decline protection or if your order doesn't require shipping, simply remove this item from your cart.

What's Covered

Route Package Protection covers lost, stolen, and damaged items that fit certain criteria.

When refunding an item, Route covers the subtotal of the order. Shipping costs, taxes, and the Route premium are not included.

When replacing an item, Route covers the subtotal of the order, the Route premium, shipping costs, and taxes. Route does not pay custom/duty fees.

Review Route's policies to understand exactly what lost, stolen, and damaged items Route will cover.


To file a claim visit

Note that claims must be filed promptly!
- Damaged: Within 15 days of when the package was marked delivered
- Lost (domestic): Between 7* and 30 days from the last tracking update
- Lost (international): Between 20* and 30 days from the last tracking update
- Stolen: Between 5* and 15 days of when the package was marked delivered

* Route requires these wait-to-file periods for stolen and lost orders as packages are sometimes delayed in transit or prematurely marked as delivered.

Yes! But - be aware that shipping costs DO NOT include customs duties, taxes, and related fees. International customers are responsible for all customs duties, taxes, and other fees incurred after a package is mailed. Additional charges billed by the destination country are not predictable, not part of what we can pay ahead of time in shipping costs, and will not be refunded if charged.

For example: all packages containing retail goods over $20 Canadian shipped from the US to Canada are technically liable for customs tax. In practice, this is rarely charged. We do not know ahead of time if or when this customs fee will be due. In the event that Canadian Border Services does flag a package as requiring a customs fee, the customer must pay it before the Canadian post office will release their package.

We advise international customers to investigate and prepare for additional fees that will be due to their destination country.

We do our best! While we are constantly re-evaluating our packing materials and sources.

All the packing materials that we purchase are all compostable, recyclable, or post-consumer recycled.

The biggest caveat is that we do currently utilize the free Tyvek mailing envelopes provided by the USPS. We have also assessed that continuing to use standard adhesive shipping labels and thermal receipts is ultimately more environmentally friendly than the readily available alternatives. Lastly, we have not found a truly practical alternative to clear plastic packing tape.

Read more here.

Yes - we participate in Shopify's carbon offset program. We do this using an app that calculates the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the shipments that we send. The app uses industry models to estimate the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere for each shipment, using information about weight, distance, and likely transport method. Then we pay an amount per shipment to offset those emissions.

In addition, for orders placed using ShopPay at checkout Shopify matches the carbon offset.

Read more here.

Returns & Refunds

As of 3/15/23 all items are final sale as we begin winding down in preparation for closing soon.

It's very important to us that your shopping experience be positive - even if the items you ordered don't work out.

Read our full returns policy here.

Sorry, there are no returns on clearance items, books, patterns, magazines, needles, hooks, wound yarn, or used/opened merchandise. This allows us to help protect authors' copyrights and to ensure we offer all our customers the very highest quality of brand new products. Thank you for understanding!

Read our full returns policy here.

Yes! We offer curbside pickup of orders/drop-off of returns at our warehouse within set days/times.

To initiate a return and see details, you can use our self-service return portal. If you run into any issues, you can also email us at

Please read our full returns/refunds policy.

We're so sorry! Please let us know within 7 days if we've shipped the wrong item, or if an item is defective. In these instances, Twisted will pay to ship you a new item and provide a postage-paid label to send the incorrect/defective item back to us. You can also drop-off/pickup at our warehouse during specified times if you prefer.

To initiate a return, you can use our self-service return portal at If you run into any issues, you can also email us at

Read our full returns policy here.

We're so sorry! Please let us know within 7 days if an item is defective. In these instances, Twisted will pay to ship you a new item and provide a postage-paid label to send the incorrect/defective item back to us. You can also drop-off/pickup at our warehouse during specified times if you prefer.

To initiate a return, you can use our self-service return portal at If you run into any issues, you can also email us at

Read our full returns policy here.