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Twisted is now online only. The brick and mortar location is permanently closed.
For the safety of our staff, we are not offering curbside pickup or drop-off for returns.

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COMCAST.NET EMAIL USERS PLEASE NOTE: The overzealous Comcast/Xfinity spam filters will most likely flag our reply to you as spam. Years of arguing/pleading with them about this has led nowhere. By default, Comcast email accounts do not have a spam folder, which means anything they think may be spam is deleted before reaching you. You never see it and have no way to check their work. Enabling a spam folder will allow you to actually receive all of your emails and decide for yourself what you want and what you don't. And it's very very easy! If you're interested in adjusting your spam filter settings you can see how on Xfinity's website. We are soooooo sorry for any inconvenience. We are a small business and they are a giant mega corporation so... they win.