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Earth Day Picks

earth day april 22

10% off Berroco Remix Light

Berroco Remix Light is a wool-free yarn made of 100% recycled fibers. This soft blend of nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk, and linen is made from fabric leftover from the ready-to-wear garment industry. Colors are created by carefully blending shredded fibers so there is no need to dye them again, which saves water and prevents pollution. Finished garments are immediately cozy, with the feeling of well-loved jeans or your favorite t-shirt. Get 10% off in-stock Berroco Remix Light through 4/25/2021.

remix colors

Pattern Inspiration

We love Remix Light for comfy summer tops and shawls like these from Berroco - available on Ravelry.


Derecho by Alison Green

Derecho by Alison Green

Ponente by Donna Yacino

Ponente by Donna Yacino

Khamaseen by Donna Yacino

Khamaseen by Donna Yacino

Tender Loving Care

Regular gentle cleaning helps hand-crafted items last as long as possible! Dirt build-up attracts pests and can degrade fibers, and harsh cleaning can fade and wear out a garment prematurely. Plus, delicate washes like Eucalan and Soak avoid many of the chemicals used in regular detergents. Keeping garments and yarn stored in sealed containers along with natural repellants like cedar can also offer a little extra boost of protection from many-legged foes.


gleener ultimate fuzz remover

Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover

eucalan delicate wash

Eucalan Delicate Wash

zip top storage bags

Zip Top Storage Bags

aqua mega stand up

Aqua Mega Stand Up

amethyst mid stand up

Amethyst Mid Stand Up

cedar essential oil

Cedar Essential Oil

soak laundry soap

Soak LaundrySoap

cedar blocks

Cedar Blocks


No matter how well you treat handmade items, regular wear and tear means you'll still need to mend them from time to time to extend their life. From a snagged sweater cuff to a hole worn into the sole of your favorite sock, don't throw it out! You can fix it and give it a whole new life.

darn it zoom classDarn It! Mending Your Knits

Zoom Class - May 22
with Michele Lee Bernstein

We love wearing our knits, and sometimes that means they need some TLC. Learn to repair your knits with duplicate stitch, knitted patch, or woven patch.

darning loomDarning & Mending Loom Kit

This clever kit from Katrinkles will have you patching holes in no time. It creates a tiny loom, anchoring one end to the comb and the other to secured live stitches. From there, you can weave a small patch directly onto your piece!

clover chibi needlesChibi Darning Needles

If we're being honest, the case these needles comes in is one of the biggest perks. Never lose a darning needle again! With multiple sizes, you'll be weaving in ends and fixing all weights of garments from lace to super bulky.

reinforcement threadReinforcement Thread

One of our most popular products - no seriously! With in a rainbow of solids, heathers, and barber pole marls to choose from there is bound to be one color that's a close match to your garment for mending. Or, hold this along with your regular yarn while creating a project for added strength in at-risk areas like sock heels.

colorful darning needlesColorful Darning Needles

Tried and true, you've probably got a few of these lurking in the dark recesses of your couch. The bent tip makes looping in and out of fabric a breeze, and the large eye helps make them easier to thread.

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