Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer

The new Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer issue is in. It is lovely and inspiring, as always. And I noticed something I hadn’t taken the time to check out before: VK360°.

They have videos online showing every project from every angle. How cool is that?! Watch the VK360° videos.

In this issue (click images for more detail):

It's All White Now! It’s All White Now!

Style gets a spring pick-me-up with cool, crisp white.

So Hot It SizzlesSo Hot It Sizzles

The body electric: Slinky bikinis in metallic yarns make the most of a minimal amount of fabric.

Under Cover! Under Cover

Assume a new fashion identity: Flirty layers transform your spring wardrobe.

Postcards from Rio Postcards from Rio

Notícia quente! Citrus brights and coral spice infuse Carnaval style into our tropical tops.

Sheer Beauty Sheer Beauty

Exquisite openwork at the water’s edge: High fashion hits the beach.

Summertime Blues Summertime Blues

Explore the pacific palette with lace of a crystal blue persuasion.


The Cat's Meow Spotlight On: The Cat’s Meow

the knitted wildcat pelts of textile artist Ruth Marshall are a big-game changer.

Nicky Epstein Nicky Epstein

Elegantly twisted I-cord dresses up store-bought pillows.

Meg SwansenMeg Swansen: To Purl or Not to Purl

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If you had learned to purl before you learned to knit, would purl be your favorite stitch and knitting feel a bit awkward?

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