Warehouse Sale

Warehouse Sale

Nearly all of our inventory has sold. Now it’s time to sell everything else!

Join us for an old-fashioned, in-person, garage sale style sell-it-all-palooza. We’re selling everything but the kitchen sink (the landlord owns that). A few items are listed in the store supplies section of our website. But there's much much much more, and it's all priced to move. We have a big ol’ free pile, too!


Twisted Warehouse 522 North Thompson Street, Portland, OR 97227


Friday 4/28 11am-3pm and Saturday 4/29 11am-3pm


  • Please wear a face mask if you’re able. <3
  • No holds. No returns.
  • Credit cards preferred. EXACT cash accepted.
  • Everything is used and sold AS IS. Furniture is assembled.
  • Plan to take your purchases with you; we can’t ship or store for later pickup.
  • For small items, bring your own bags or boxes.
  • For large items, we have a freight elevator and dolly available.
  • Our staff members can’t help move or load large items. Bring a friend? Everything is more fun with friends!

Preliminary, Draft, Tentative, Work-in-Progress List of Stuff

Everything on this list is subject to change!!!

Category Item Qty Tentative Sale Price
Furniture Folding table (photo area), white, plastic, dent on one edge 1 sold
Furniture Office chairs, IKEA 3 $5.00
Furniture Table at Cher: Long, Black, standing height, IKEA, (beat to shit) 1 $50.00
Furniture Table at Janet: Ikea, black, extendable, normal height 1 $100.00
Furniture Table in the breakroom: black, IKEA Jokmok 2009 (no chairs) 1 $20.00
Furniture Table Small Lack Brown Black 1 sold
Home Air purifier, Winix brand? 1 sold
Home Arctic King 7 Cu ft Chest Freezer, Black 1 sold
Home bin of xmas decorations 1 $10.00
Home Box fan 1 $10.00
Home foldable step stool - white 1 sold
Home iron 1 $10.00
Home Ladder - Large green, fiberglass 1 sold
Home mannequin tanks 6 $1.00
Home Milk Frother 1 sold
Home Mug warmers 1 $1.00
Home Round silverware bins 3 $1.00
Home silverware, lot of it all 1 $5.00
Home small chest that latches 1 sold
Home White Dishes - 2 big plates, 2 sm plates, 2 bowls, Ikea (sold as set) 1 $5.00
Knitting Baggie of sewing pins 1 sold
Knitting blocking mats (basically two sets with a bag that holds half) 1
Knitting Blocking wires - nicer 1
Knitting the old NKK winder with hand crank - motor base is broken (I didn't know we had kept it) 1 sold
Office Anti fatigue Floor Mats Gray 6 sold
Office Clipboards 6 $1.00
Office Metal Paper sorters 12 $1.00
Office sliding paper tray 1 $1.00
Office stackable paper tray 1 sold
Office stackable paper tray 2 1 sold
Office yellow lined paper pads 8 sold
Photo Bluetooth Shutter Remote 1 sold
Photo Jelly Mount large phone tripod mount 1 sold
Photo Sidekick meFoto small phone tripod mount (purple) 1 sold
Retail Butcher paper roll dispensers 1 $20.00
Retail Femme Mannequin WITHOUT stand 1 sold
Retail Femme Mannequins with stand 1 sold
Retail Large counter unit that was built for the retail store 1 Free
Retail Twisted yarn ball stamps 6 $5.00
Retail Various Shipping Stamps (e.g. Thank you, Fragile, Do Not Bend) 6 $2.00
Retail Yarn Sign - Berroco 1 $10.00
Retail Yarn Sign - Blue Moon 1 $10.00
Retail Yarn Sign - Brooklyn Tweed 1 $10.00
Retail Yarn Sign - Malabrigo 1
Retail Yarn Sign - Quince 1 $10.00
Shelves 5-drawer wood cabinets (very old) 1 $5.00
Shelves Beige lateral filing cabinet 1 $75.00
Shelves Black 2 Drawer Lateral File 1 $10.00
Shelves Expedit Shelves - Black Brown - 4x2 2 $25.00
Shelves Expedit Shelves - Black Brown - 4x4 1 $40.00
Shelves Expedit Shelves - Black Brown - 1x5 7 $25.00
Shelves Expedit Shelves - Black Brown - 4x4 attached to 4x2 with pegboard 1 $60.00
Shelves Expedit Shelves - Black Brown - 4x4 with peg attached to back 1 $40.00
Shelves Expedit Shelves - Black Brown - 5x5 5 $50.00
Shelves White Plastic Shelves 6 sold
Shelves Wood Shelves from the dawn of time (one was literally in Emily's college dorm room) 2 stacked FREE
Storage Brand new backstock zip bags a lot $0.30
Tech Brother B&W Printer 1 sold
Storage Green Tubs - Small 1 $5.00
Storage Plastic Bags - small sizes for notions and kits a lot idk
Storage Purple plastic IKEA boxes 2 sold
Storage weird little grey shelf thing that fits the kallax/expedit shelves 1 $5.00
Storage White metal circular bin - Larger 1 sold
Tech Brother P-Touch Label Maker (small, monochrome) 1 sold
Tech Cher (Apple iMac 21.5" 2017 18,2 Retina 4k | i5-7400 | 8GB RAM | 512 GB SSD) 1 $200-$250
Tech Dolly (mac book air) 1 $100.00
Tech Dymo 400 label printer 1 $50.00
Tech Dymo 450 Turbo label printer 1 sold
Tech Dymo 4XL shipping label printer 1 $150.00
Tech Nina (MacBook Pro late 2014) 1 sold
Tech Puffy - HP multifunction printer 1 $60
Tech Receipt Printer, Star TSP 100 1 $100.00 obo
Tech Scan gun (Symbol) 3 $10.00
Tech Synergy (Mac Mini Late 2014 3GHz, 16 GB) 1 $150.00


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