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twisting business and pleasure

although we are not yet open, and, frankly, can’t do much work at the physical shop, we are constantly amazed at the amount of work there remains for both of us. entering inventory, for example, makes me think of a data entry job i had just out of college, working through a temp agency, slogging away for 8 hours a day, typing in meat orders for grocery stores. boring, hellish job, that.

it’s not all rote data entry, though. twisted, being a craft shop, is able to work with crafty vendors, who are clever and cute and fun.
who else would name a yarn ‘lipstick lava’ (dream in color)? how about ‘spritz’ (frabjous fibers)? ‘get your feet wet’ (southwest trading company)? that’s not even mentioning the clever yarntini names, like 4-8-15-16-23-42. i could really go on all the live-long day, but i won’t.

there is also crafting to do. and crafting we have been doing. a lot of swatching, that’s for sure, which is great in its own way, but swatching is really not all that interesting, either to write or read about. but this next project, the one i completed this weekend, this is interesting. fun. gratifying.

emily and i have decided to write a line of twisted patterns, to complement the yarns we are carrying and to fulfill that deep need to delve deeper into our craft. many of you can relate to this – it is what leads crafty gals and guys to pick up spinning, weaving, embroidery, sewing, the list can go on and on and on. since we are both sock knitters, we need to write our own sock patterns, right? the first pair of socks to come from this new endeavor is finished, and, if i do say so myself, they are fabulous. i used the zen string twisted colorway, a twisty lace-cable pattern, and a short, sweet, picot top. the written pattern is not complete, but the socks are.



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