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the year of the sweater

i have been thinking lately about what i knit. my favorite, most comfortable thing to knit is socks. in fact, i made 23 pairs of adult socks last year, and 9 single socks for the shop. my ‘other-than-sock-knitting’ was not so extensive. but this year, already, i have made two sweaters. granted, both are short-sleeved, but it’s a harbinger of things to come. 2008 is the year of the sweater, and i have fallen, hard, for the patterns of the zephyr gals.

my first sweater of 2008 is the rusted root.


i used cathay, by debbie bliss, which is a blend of cotton, silk, and microfiber, in a nice lime-y green. the yarn was a pleasure to work with, and is fairly easy care – it can be machine washed in cold on a gentle cycle. gotta love that!

i used my favorite needles eva’, the new-ish addi lace needles. they are so wonderful, even though they are so sharp they cut little holes in my right thumb sometimes. oh, the price we pay for our obsessions!

my second sweater of 2008 is so.close.to.being.done. i have to sew one little pocket on, and weave in 3 ends, i believe. it is luscious, and i’ll share photos when i can in good conscience really call it done.

go sweaters! and, little sockies, don’t you worry – i could never abandon you fully.

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