Socks steal the show

We’re on pins and needles here at Twisted. (Hmm, sitting on pins and needles – sounds like my sofa at home after a late night sewing project mishap…) Why, you may reasonably ask?

yarntiniFirst of all, tomorrow is supposed to bring a big shipment of Yarntini sport weight… Keep your fingers crossed that the UPS gods favor us. We’re almost out of the Yarntini fingering – only one skein of our custom colorway, Twisitini, left!

happy feetSecondly, tomorrow is also the day we’re getting an armful of wonderful hand-painted sock yarn from our local gal Helen at Painted Skein. I must admit I got a sneak preview when she was in on Tuesday for our open crafting night. It is to die for. If you come over and find that there’s none out on the shelves just look behind the counter and you might find we’ve hoarded it all away for ourselves like neurotic fibery squirrels preparing for the long winter… But ask nicely and we’ll learn to share.

And, finally, with perfect timing, Saturday is the Portland sock yarn crawl organized by Fyberduck. I can’t find details online other than this map, but we are looking very much forward to welcoming the traveling band of sock addicts to our shop!