New (soft) Noro. Nummy.

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! There’s a new Jason movie out, starring one of the hunks from our favorite TV show, ever, Supernatural!!!


Okay, enough of the hunky-goodness. Now for the yarn-talk. Noro has a few new yarns coming out for the Spring and Summer, and we received the first one a few days ago. It’s called Chirimen, which is a traditional Japanese Kimono fabric, much like silk crepe, with a crimpy texture and a smooth shine. This yarn really does fit the name. It’s soft, beautifully colored, and has a lovely hand.


There are six colors, and, as two have said so far, they don’t all have hot pink in ’em!

Noro Chirimen:
Fiber content: 60% Cotton, 24% Silk, 16%Wool
Yardage: 114 yds/50 grams
Stitches: 5.5
Needle size: 6