New Marls from Brooklyn Tweed

New Marls from Brooklyn Tweed

marl colorwaysWe are thrilled to welcome new marl colorways in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and Loft!

Explore two new colorways, Amaranth and Caraway, in both bases as well as existing favorites Caribou, Narwhal, and Newsprint added to the Loft palette.

As a thank you for your purchase, Brooklyn Tweed is offering a coupon for a free copy of Jared Flood's new Skipp hat pattern from with your purchase of 2 or more skeins of Loft through April 30.

Images © Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood


Loft Marls

Brooklyn Tweed Loft - AmaranthBrooklyn Tweed Loft - CarawayBrooklyn Tweed Loft - CaribouBrooklyn Tweed Loft - NarwhalBrooklyn Tweed Loft - Newsprint


Shelter Marls

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter - AmaranthBrooklyn Tweed Shelter - CarawayBrooklyn Tweed Shelter - CaribouBrooklyn Tweed Shelter - NarwhalBrooklyn Tweed Shelter - Newsprint

Skipp Knitalong