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Loft - from Brooklyn Tweed

Fingering-weight Loft channels Targhee-Columbia wool’s airy bounce into feather-light lace, accessories, and garments.

Like Shelter, Loft is a woolen-spun 2-ply yarn with delicate twist, specially designed for unique lightness of hand. It’s not a sock yarn, so treat it a little more gently when it’s on the winder and the needles. It is significantly more delicate than most commercial yarns so don't pull too hard or it will come apart.

Once your garment is blocked, the stitches will cohere in a beautifully even and sturdy fabric. Lace garments should open up to reveal stitch motifs with relatively mild blocking. Loft has great flexibility of gauge; it can be knit on 2mm (US 0) needles for a dense and durable fabric or on 4mm (US 6) needles for ethereal open work. Two strands of Loft held together can substitute for Shelter in patterns where you’d like greater stitch definition or a marled fabric of two colors.

Fiber: 100% Wool - Targhee-Columbia
Weight: Fingering
Gauge: 24-32 sts = 4" / 10 cm
Needles: US 0-4 / 2-3.5 mm
Put up: 50 gram / 1.76 ounce hank. Hanks must be wound prior to knitting with them. To add yarn winding to your order, click here.
Length: 275 yards / 251 meters
Care: Hand wash. Lay flat to dry.

Photos © Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed