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Learn a Thing!

Whatever your age, learning style, or crafty skill level, you can sprinkle your day with the rainbow unicorn sparkle jazz hands of Newness and Accomplishment.

Do you learn by reading and doing?

Learn To Knit & Crochet Kits

It's raining outside and school is online... Time to introduce your wee-er ones to some fiber crafts. We usually ballpark that around 8 years old or so is a good age to try out knitting and crocheting, but everyone is different!

And these kits aren't just for the littles in your life. They're also perfect for adults who want to learn a new skill or get a refresher after an extended pause in their fibery pursuits.


learn to knit kit

Learn To Knit Kit

learn to crochet kit

Learn To Crochet Kit

Skill Building Kits

Expand your knitting repertoire with knitting in the round, stranded colorwork, or simple lace. We love hats for learning a new technique - they're fast and functional with enough room to practice and retain a skill, but not so much you get sick of it! ;)


with love hat kit

With Love Hat Kit
First Stranded Colorwork

headwarmers hat kit

Headwarmers Kit
First Hat/Knitting In The Round

a hat for me kit

A Hat For Me
First Lace

there's only one you

Now 10% off!

There's Only One You
by local artist Bradley Clark

This book encourages kids of all ages to embrace their unique traits and talents.

It's a declaration that everyone is special and unique; and a reminder that they need to focus, get busy and develop their interests and talents. It may take time and effort and practice, but you need to do whatever it is you want to do. Because... There's Only One You!

Do you learn by watching and listening?

Zoom Class: Brioche Doctor - Fixing Mistakes in Brioche
with Michele Lee Bernstein
February 13 from 10:30am-12:30pm

You’ve learned to knit brioche, and you love it! But sometimes things go wrong... Learn how to fix common brioche mistakes, from the simple missed yarnovers all the way through frogging and getting your work back on your needles. Let Michele Lee Bernstein guide you via Zoom to your best brioche!

brioche classbrioche class

private zoom classZoom Private Lessons
with our in-house expert Elinor
You choose the topic and the time!

Need help with a project? Having trouble with a pesky pattern? Angry at lace in general for ever being invented? Get a 30 or 60-minute session custom-tailored to cover exactly what you need. Zoom sessions start at $15 for 30 minutes..


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