K12Tog June Project - Turkish Bed Socks

K12Tog June Project - Turkish Bed Socks

June's project is a Twistedista favorite - Turkish Bed Socks from Churchmouse Yarns.

These snack-sized socks are perfect with clogs and slip-ons. We know you won't be able to stop at one pair, and at just 175 yards, you might find yourself stash diving and swapping leftovers with your knitterly friends for BFF socks!




Speaking of friends, we highly recommend checking out Kat's Mods (below) which improve on the excellent original Churchmouse Yarns pattern by updating an unusual heel for nearly seamless construction.

We're suggesting BMFA Super Sparkle. This irresistible light-fingering weight amplifies Blue Moon Fiber Arts beautiful colorways with just enough glitz to transform your project into the most fun socks ever!




Join us at Twisted Monday, June 4 from 5-7pm for the Cast On Party, then share your projects with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Ravelry.

From Kat's Ravelry Notes
My favorite for wearing with my clogs! The following are my mods to make them seamless.

Follow pattern instructions as written.

SECTIONS 3, 4, & 5:
Work pattern as written through the 13 rows of st st in Section 3.
Do not follow the instructions to bind off.
Row 1: Knit to end.
Row 2: P30, wrap & turn.
Row 3: K12, wrap & turn.
Row 4: P12.

Continue working these center 12 stitches in st st for 10 more rows. The remaining sts (18 on each side) are held until later.

Next Row (RS): k12, pick up & knit 6 from along heel flap side. Turn.
Next Row (WS): p18, pick up & purl 6 from along heel flap side. Turn.

On first repeat only pick up & work wraps as you come to them.
For the decreases, you’ll be working together 1 st from your heel flap and 1 or 2 sts which you’ve been holding aside. It’ll make sense once you start doing it!
Row 1 (RS): k23, ssk
Row 2 (WS): p23, p2tog
Row 3 (RS): k23, sssk
Row 4 (WS): p23, p3tog
Repeat Rows 1 - 4 until all 36 held stitches have been incorporated.
Heel is complete.

Follow pattern instructions as written.
However, note that I only decrease my toe down to 20 stitches bc I like a less pointy toe.

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