Hankering for Handspun?

Couple of us Twistedistas have been proselytizing the wonders of spinning for some time now, hoping we’d start carrying some roving. I think it’s working, ’cause we’ve now got delicious wools from BMFA, Big Alice Dyes, Imperial Stock Ranch, Schoppel-Wolle, and even a few artsy batts from the drum carder of yours truly, hehe.
(Plus, I totally saw Shannon learning to use a spinning wheel yesterday. I knew she’d give in eventually.)

But if you’re not so much into spinning your own yarn, you can still indulge in the truly luxurious experience of knitting with handspun yarn. Allow me to give your tickle your retinas:

“Aesop” from Spindleshanks (you might know her better as “Vivian”)

“Little Top” from Spindleshanks

“Multnomah Falls” from Tanglewood Fiber

“Newport Rocks” from Tanglewood Fiber

These guys and all their brothers and sisters are available in our online shop, but we’ve got even more available in the store, from Sage Walden, Presents Knits (oh hey that’s me!), and who knows- maybe a line from “Shannon Totally Makes Yarn, Inc.” sometime soon