Handcrafted Wooden Buttons

My parents are uber-crafty folk, which is definitely where I get my crafty genes. I’m from a big family (more than 30 cousins on my mom’s side alone), and we always had this huge family Christmas party – we’d rent out the Bedford Community Hall, bring in a ton of food, and have a blast. We would also craft hand-made gifts for each family, usually something Christmas-related. One year, it was a sleigh, with the family name stamped across the top. Another year, a snowman with a dowel between his puffy, mitten-clad hands, to hold a hand-towel. A family of reindeer, a Santa-Claus-tissue-or-candy box, there were oodles of great projects. And, although mom and dad did the lion’s share of the work, the whole family chipped in to get these wonderful gifts done in time for the Family Christmas Party.

So, it’s no surprise that, once Twisted was opened, and we saw a need for handcrafted wooden items, my parents jumped right on that. They started with Sock Blockers, and dad worked on them and worked on them, tweaked them and tweaked them, and now we have these wonderful, amazing sock blockers, specially made just for us (and you!) Then, Emily and I thought, oh, wooden buttons, how wonderful would those be? We talked to dad about that, and viola! A few weeks later, he presented us with the first version of his wooden buttons. On his most recent visit, he brought a shoe-box-full of wooden buttons, just to show us, and, I’ll tell you this: he didn’t take that shoebox home with him.