Friday Round Up!

Friday Round Up!

Friday! All day, once a week…

At the store:

  • Twisted's Holiday Party is tonight! Come and join us for prizes, liminted edition yarn, tasty treats, live music, stitch marker making, a photo booth, and all around fiber fun!
  • New Yarn!!!! Fairy Floss from Knitted Wit is up in the store and soon online as well. Looking for a variegated mohair? Look no further...
  • WRIST RULERS!!! Back in stock in time to be the perfect stocking stuffers!
  • We had a massive shipment of Brooklyn Tweed land and it included lots of their hot in demand Peerie. Look quickly before it all disappears...
  • Also restocked for your holiday knitting needs, Malabrigo Worsted! Hazel Knits Lively DK! Notions - especially POM POM MAKERS.
  • Strange Brew by Tin Can Knits is back in the house. If you haven't seen it, take a look at this lovely book of sweater patterns that are totally customizable!
  • Holiday music is in full swing at the moment and here at the shop, the style you hear depends greatly on who is working...
    • "All I Want for Christmas Is You"? Fiona.
    • "Zat You Santa Claus"? That's definitely Anna.
    • "What Are You Doing New Years Eve"? Cardner!
    • "Father Christmas" by the Kink? You know it's Marissa behind the counter.
    • Can you tell Anny is one of the non-holiday-music-lovers? Her choice- "I won't be home for Christmas" by Blink 182.
    • It's a "White Christmas" for the biggest heart on earth, Cheri.
    • For Maria, Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s "Carol of the Bells".
    • Parna? She sides with Anny as a non-holiday-music-lover. 
    • Dawn? The "Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy" duet by the mostly unlikely couple of David Bowie and Bing Crosby.
    • And our esteemed leader Emily? The old classic of "Sleigh Ride". As a once upon a time French Horn player, she has fond memories of playing this with her high school band.
    • Need more? NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast has 2 fabulous episodes dedicated the songs of the season found here and here

Around the web:

  • Sick of Elf On The Shelf? There is an alternative! To the weary parents out there the internet gives you Shiraz on the Shelf...
  • Sick of the holidays and need a palette cleanser for the season? The internet has your back on this, too. Flemish Superheroes for the win!

And totally, completely, unapologetically FOR ALL:

  • Pair your holiday light viewing with one of Mother Nature's versions. Take a break for a few minutes this weekend and look up outside - meteor showers abound!

Have a great weekend and remember, you can always find us online!


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