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626 Butte
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612 Calluna
613 Cobbler
616 Cassis
618 Palazzo
619 Vintner
621 Alizarin
623 Firebrush
624 Arabesque
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630 Mesa
631 Butternut
633 Tincture
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638 Klimt
640 Parchment
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648 Seaglass
650 Wreath
652 Admiral
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655 Rainier
657 Aurora
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664 Nori
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680 Hickory
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698 Muslin
699 Hammock

Peerie - from Brooklyn Tweed

Peerie is the polished, worsted-spun sibling to Brooklyn Tweed's rustic, woolen-spun Loft. Peerie sings in both cabled and textured fabrics, and looks lovely knit up in lace, thanks to a 4-ply construction that enhances luster and strength. Boasting a palette of 45 colors, Peerie is an excellent companion to have alongside you when adventuring in colorwork motifs or when showcasing your favorite hue - the choices are abundant. Here are a few things we love about this new fingering-weight addition to BT's core yarn line.

Perfect for next to skin wear, Peerie is BT's softest yarn yet due to the fine fiber of the Merino sheep. For centuries Merino sheep have been well known for their dense and soft fleeces. From the western ranges we sourced pure Merino fiber, measured at 20.5 microns, that best exemplifies the distinctive fiber qualities of this cherished breed.

The inherent strength of Peerie’s Merino fiber is further complemented by being worsted spun. 4-ply construction invites precise stitch work. Fabrics knit from Peerie are smooth, supple, and can range in gauge to easily accommodate open-work lace motifs as well as firmer stockinette or textured stitch patterns.

BT's largest color palette to date, Peerie’s 45 colors make for a vibrant spectrum of possibilities. Colorwork knitting is a dream with a range of hues and values that easily complement one another. Alternatively, pick your favorite shade for a single color project that shows off texture and technique.

Looking for the perfect project? Check out Jared Flood's new Lucerne hat pattern - designed especially to show off Peerie's wonderful array of colors.

Hanks must be wound prior to knitting with them. To add yarn winding to your order, click here.

Photos © Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed

Fiber | 100% Merino Wool - Nevada & Utah grown, milled and dyed in the US, 20.5 microns, 4-ply, worsted-spun
Weight | Fingering
Gauge | 24-32 stitches = 4" / 10 cm
Needles | US 2 / 2.75 mm to US 4 / 3.5 mm
Put Up | 210 y / 192 m per 50 g hank
Care | Hand wash and lay flat to dry.
Country of Origin | USA