Five good things

As is unavoidable in any venture, we’ve hit a few roadblocks here and there on our way to opening the most amazing yarn, craft and tea shop in Portland. Though I think of myself as a realist of the give-it-to-me-straight, harsh-truth variety, I probably tend a bit toward the pessimistic… This is just no fun for Shannon, I fear, who chooses to focus on optimism and best case scenarios and silver linings. What a better way to go through life! She’s a good egg, as they say, and may just reform me one of these days. So I dedicate this list to Shannon!

The five best things going on right now at Twisted (in no particular order other than the flotsam and jetsam of my mind):

    1. The package of sock yarn we received today from Zen String, including our custom-dyed Twisted colorway! Photos can’t do the rich, beautifully varied colors justice and certainly can’t even begin to convey the springy softness.
      Zen String shipment
    2. My parents arrive on Wednesday, and Shannon’s on Friday. We pretty much have the best four parental units out there and can’t wait to see them and hug them to little bitty pieces.And put them to work.

      That too.

    3. Wild Carrot Herbals. You just can’t beat the lotions from Wild Carrot. Not only are they luxurious for every sense, but they’re produced in Oregon using all natural ingredients and sustainable farming practices. Plus, the owner, Jodie, is every bit as fantastic as her products and – as of yesterday – she is also a first-time mom. Congratulations on your baby carrot, Jodie!
      Wild Carrot Soulshine lotion
    4. Columbia Gorge Organics juices. Not only are their juices fresh, local and fantastic, but they even gave us a dozen samples to help us decide what flavors to carry. So every day as we wait for UPS in the morning, we crack open a new bottle and sip away. And can I just say – yum. My personal favorite is the red ginger limeade, but I’ve been trying to branch out and have yet to be disappointed.


  1. Addi turbo lace needles! They have arrived. And they’re red. Gorgeous ruby red. Sigh. Everything we’d all dreamed of.
    Addi turbo lace needles