DIY beaded stitch markers

Last Friday at our Knit-a-long, one of our staff members, Alex, made a hysterical comment. She dropped a stitch marker accidentally and the woman next to her moved as if to help her look for it. Alex just shrugged and laughed and said not to worry about it, because she’d never found a stitch marker once it dropped on the floor/into the sofa cushions/purse/bag/anywhere. It’s so true!

gnomeStitch markers are essential tools of the trade, but gosh darn it if they aren’t slippery little devils. It doesn’t matter how many you start with, you’re guaranteed to end the project with 4. Where do they go? The same place as pen caps, single athletic socks, and your favorite swimsuit bottoms. Carried off by little gnomes in the night.

In any event, all this is to say that everyone always needs more stitch markers! And what could be more fun that making your own gorgeous beaded ones? It’s not that hard and, as Parna and I can attest, totally addictive! Give a knitter a stitch marker and she marks for a day… teach her to make her own and she marks for a lifetime! Silverpurl has new beaded stitch marker kits with everything you need – supplies, tools and instructions. Fabu!