Contest to celebrate opening

Yes, we’re opening very very soon. We don’t want to jinx anything or count our chickens before they’re hatched, but just one more inspection stands between us and utter legality… As soon as we’re good to go we’ll send out a newsletter with our official opening date.

To keep you busy until then, here is a special contest to celebrate our opening. In fact, we’re so excited let’s make it two!

Contest #1

twisted socks close-up
The question: How many skeins/balls of yarn will Twisted have in stock on opening day?

The prize: One skein of the exclusive Twisted colorway from Zen String and a Skacel needle gauge.

Contest #2

The question: How many flavors of tea will Twisted offer on opening day?

The prize: One skein of the Twistini colorway from Yarntini and a Skacel needle gauge.

Enter the contests.

Entries will be accepted through Friday, June 29 at 11am Pacific Time. These contests will be in addition to our regular monthly contests (more on those later). One entry per person, por favor. Closest person will win (whether over or under – it’s not The Price Is Right). We’ll even mail it to you free if you’re in the US, but it will be via the postal service’s slowest snail.