Contest report…

January’s winner was faaabu. It’s Andi C. and here’s the haiku:

Must bite bullet and face stash.
Need patience, liquor.

Thanks, Andi! That definitely embodies the Twisted spirit. Haahaa. I crack myself up. Now then, before you can claim your prize we will need to see a valid government-issued ID verifying that you were born before today’s date in 1987…

February’s theme, in honor of Valentines’ Day, is knitting for someone you love. The prize is especially cool and Valentine-y as well – a silk dragon tote. Perfect for your current knitting project with lots of pockets and such. Click here to go to the contest page and submit your haiku!

silk dragon tote

And now, for your perusal, are all the other January haikus… Thanks to everyone who entered. We sure love reading these!

The unraveling
strand connected to the past
tempts and torments me

to knit in a place
whose wind tastes of my hands need
to know this wool skein

I should try new things.
Cables, lace, Fair Isle. Maybe
after this last sock.

I will let my sweet
shinny addie turbos sing
to use up my stash

they are worn to tear
why tiptoe on feet so bare?
the twined snuggly pair

Peering sternly from
The pile of unfinished work
Half done projects call

Clean slate. This one first!
Almost done, then next from bin
Someone’s at the door.

I vow to complete
This crazy baby blanket
Before he is grown!

This year, no false starts.
Work each project ‘til it’s done–
Wait! Is that new yarn?

A promise to me
Live my passion through my needles
This one I will keep

My resolution?
No more than 3 U-F-O’s.
Already broken.

go forward, no frog
a KAL, a FO
will work for more yarn

Completed with care
Their hats, scarfs, mittens, sweaters
Now I knit for me!

Fair Isle, intarsia
daunting, but if I learn them
my palette expands.

Winter’s still here
knit more
It’s cold outside

Completion is king
No more unfinished objects
Really I mean it

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