all the cool kids are doing it

learning needlework, that is! with the holiday season coming up, this is the perfect time to nurture your inner craftista or craftisto. one way to do this is to learn the fine art of needlework. we have classes ranging from crewel, to embroidery, to temari and plastic-canvas needlework. yeehaww!

jessica-bowlingbetty.jpgLearn to Embroider
Sunday, Oct 14
OR Thursday, Nov 8.
Embroidery II
Sunday, Sept 23
OR Sunday, Oct 21
OR Thursday, Nov 15

crewel.jpgLearn to Crewel
Sunday, Oct 7

temari.jpgJapanese Temari
Sunday, Nov 4

gingerbreadhouse.jpgNeedlepoint Gingerbread House
Sunday, Dec 2

check out the class list (and download the .pdf) to get hours and prices. call us at 503.922.1150 or stop by to register.