Handwashing and Hand Washing

Handwashing and Hand Washing


Hand Washing: Wash your hands for 30 seconds with soap and water to break down the proteins of a virus and rinse it away. It's basically magic... but it's science.

Handwashing: Technically a chore, but also kind of fun? Get reacquainted with your handknits and make them look (and smell) their best. Learn all about how to handwash your knits in this Q&A blog post.

One vital tool for handwashing is a high-quality no-rinse laundry soap (a.k.a. woolwash). This under-appreciated marvel of the modern age keeps woolens and other delicates in tip-top shape, plus it's indispensable for travel. You can even use it in your washing machine and skip the rinse cycle to save time and water.


Soak scents include Celebration (vanilla tea), Fig, Lacey (bergamot & blossoms), Pineapple, Scentless, Unleash (apple & pomegranate), and Yuzu.


Eucalan is scented with essential oils and includes lanolin to gently condition woolens. Like Soak, it is available in single-use packets, travel-sized bottles, and full-size wash-all-the-things bottles.



Now that all your delicates and handknits are sparkling clean, it's time to moisturize.

NEW! These lotion bars from Motherland Essentials come in four swoon-worthy scents and clever mess-free containers. Stash one in each crafting bag to make sure your paws stay hydrated after all that handwashing and hand washing.

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