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the CRAFT launch party was tre fun – thanks to everyone who came out. we saw old friends, met new ones, and just plain had a blast.
moxie came down, and created fabulous, not-at-all-scary monsters all afternoon…
susan and diane the amazing hostesses, brought food, prizes, and their fun, talented selves…
the inexhaustable diane tutored countless folks through making pantyhose flowers (and, i’d really REALLY like to know just how many of those flowers are floating around portland today as a result of her work)…
all-in-all, a fun way to spend a sunday. CRAFT is a super-great diy mag, and we have more in the shop, so come on by and pick up your copy (you know you wanna make some hyperbolic baby pants, or bleached-out t-shirts, or fermented soybeans…)

thanks so much to lee for snapping all of these fab shots, and to kate and jessica for giving up their sundays to help out! long live crotch patches!!!!

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