What’s in the boxes?

Blue Moon, that’s what! Lots and lots of Blue Moon. Socks that Rock, Luscious Single Silk, WooBu, Geisha…6 boxes chock-full of Blue Moon Fiber Arts yummy goodness!!!!

Stefan and I drove up there Monday to pick up the stuff, and we saw a gorgeous rainbow on the way. My photo doesn’t really do the rainbow justice, but since it did actually kinda take, I thought I’d share it with you. Can you see it? It’s faint, but it’s a rainbow, I promise!


But enough of that – let’s move onto the real reason you are here right now. SOCKS THAT ROCK!!! 30 colors of Lightweight, 20 colors of Mediumweight, 10 colors of Heavyweight. Get it while the gettin’s good, knitters!