pom pom maker

We Tried It! Pom Pom Maker Edition

Pom poms are FABULOUS. There, we said it. They make great hats even better. They are wonderful decorations. With the help of some googly eyes, they even spark the imagination for kids! Sure they can be made with a fork and some patience, but a pom pom maker makes it fun!

What Is It?

Pom pom makers come in a range of sizes from extra small to extra large depending on the size of pom you are interested in making. There's no real limit on what yarn you can use to make your pom - you are mostly limited by how full you want it to be and how much yarn you have. 

How Does It Work?

Essentially, you wrap yarn around the two arms of the tool, close the arms, tie it off, then snip! Watch!


The Bottom Line

Whether or not you invest in a pom pom maker of any size really depends on what kind of crafter/decorator you are. They can be used to make wonderful garlands and ornaments in addition to topping a hat. If that's your style- or perhaps the style of a crafty kid you have at home, too- then they are definitely worth investing in!