Upcoming Classes – Tink, Drop, Frog: How do I fix this?!?

“Ok, so…..knit one, purl one, knit one….oh #$&*@#$!!!”

Is there anything more infuriating than a mistake in your knitting? Dropped stitches and missed yarn overs can be source of endless frustration…until you learn to fix them! Once you learn to read your knitting, it becomes easy to work out what went wrong and where, and what you should do to make things right. And that’s what our Tink, Drop, Frog class is all about! Michele Bernstein will show you how to fix (and notice!) many common mistakes in your knitting. This is a class you’ll be using forever!

The next session is July 29th, from 6-8pm, and costs $20. You’ll need bulky weight yarn (preferably light and plain colored) and needles to match, as well as a crochet hook in size G, H, or I. There is a little bit of homework for this class (a bit of swatching, so you can mess it up and fix it again!). You’ll learn to pick up dropped stitches, unknit stitch by stitch (or “tink”,) and tear out several rows at a time (“frogging”) as well as how to deal with other common mistakes.

Call us at 503.922.1150 or email class@twistedpdx.com to sign up!!