Tulip cardigan kits

By popular demand, we’ve made up kits for the 6-9 month size of Dream in Color’s Tulip baby cardigan!
tulip cardigan
This adorable little sweater is made in Dream in Color’s worsted weight yarn, Classy. It became the object of what can only be described as a frothing-at-the-mouth, glassy-eyed, def-con 10 obsession of knitters across the continent by the Yarn Harlot in June. And why not? They’re fabulous. We also have loose patterns for the Tulip sweater, which is perfect to knit up with scraps from other projects or in a single color.

Speaking of Dream in Color patterns, we have another one that we have to thank Michelle for turning us on to. She brought her Lacy Shrug in to show us, and we immediately knew we must make it ours. We considered snatching it from her right then and there. After all, two of us, one of her (though she did have needles)… But, ultimately, we decided to order the pattern instead. Now we can all have Michelle’s wonderful shrug! (And are saved any nasty hair-pulling incidents or theft lawsuits.)
Dream in Color shrug
And, last but not least, we are delighted to report that Dream in Color HQ has promised that our Smooshy sock yarn has shipped! More importantly, they are quite adamant that it has been shipped to us this time! Hopefully, it will arrive later this very week. You can either call to check, visit the blog, or just listen for the sounds of gleeful giggling from somewhere on NE Broadway…