Emily has been working her fool butt off on our webstore, and did the terms and conditions. I had to share this section with you guys! Any other truths? Please share!!!


* Industry standard is that several breaks or knots is acceptable in an average skein or ball of yarn.
* Gauge is important – do a gauge swatch before knitting your project. We cannot be held responsible if a customer uses the wrong needles or get the wrong gauge.
* All monitors are different – colors are rendered to the best of our ability, but we cannot be responsible for color differences between monitors or between skeins.
* Superwash yarns tend to grow when washed. They tend to snap back when put in the drier briefly. Non-superwash wools tend to shrink or felt if washed improperly. We cannot be responsible for either, or for improper care in general.
* Many hand painted, hand dyed and other yarns tend to bleed. Color may come off on the knitter’s needles, hands, and in the water the first several times they are washed. This is normal and out of our control.
* Single ply yarns, while gorgeous, are by their nature not as strong as plied yarns. They are more prone to breaking and, when within reason, this is normal and not under our control.