this was to have been the day


so, today was supposed to have been the big opening day, but alas and alack, we are unable to open. we tried, dear readers. we really did. i was convinced that sheer optimism would be enough to carry us through. not the case.


we are diligently working away at the things yet to be done in order for twisted to open, and open big and beautiful. soon, we will be throwing open our doors and selling yarn, embroidery kits, tea, and juice to the masses. not today, but in a day in the not-too-distant future, twisted will be a real, live shop.

in the meantime, let’s craft. some fabulous family (hi, jill! hi jackie!) came into town for the “opening,” and we are taking full advantage of the together-time and crafting like crazy.

emily’s folks are in town for the opening-that-isn’t, and they, too, are having a grand time.