Synchronicity and Sax Solos

Emily was talking about DIY synchronicity a few days ago, but this, my dears, blew my mind.

When women spend a lot of time together, their monthly cycles oftentimes sync up. I am completely convinced that brains can sync themselves, as well. It has already happened, quite completely, to Emily and me. We can barely form a cohesive thought alone anymore; we’re almost one very Twisted organism. But last week, the cosmos proved that Star and I are brain-syncing, too. Look out, world!

It all started on a Wednesday. I was in the back room at Twisted, plugging away on the old computer, when Star came back, and said, “I have a VERY important question for you!” She told me that she and her special someone were obsessed with this cheesy saxophone solo, but could not for the life of them remember the name of the song. She then proceeded to air-saxophone that solo like she was Charlie Parker himself, and I recognized the tune, but couldn’t quite place it. I knew I needed reinforcements, so I immediately video-chatted Stefan (my go-to person for all queries obscure), Star air-sax’ed the heck out of him, and he, too, became obsessed.

The solo hid out in the back of my mind, jumping to the surface every once-in-a-while until a few days later, when Stefan called me to let me know he was on his way home. He told me to grab my computer, go to YouTube, and type in “Gerry Rafferty, Baker Street.” That sweet sax started wailing, and I knew my man had come through yet again. I copied the link, pasted it into an email, and sent it to Star…at the very same moment she was sending the exact same link to me! I kid you not, folks, her man was on a mission, too, and had discovered this sax solo at the same moment mine did!

We giggled and I.M.’ed and giggled and I.M.’ed all the live-long evening – I mean, come ON, how often does something that bizarre happen? As I was sending the link to her, she was sending the link to me. I think our emails may have even high-five’d as they passed each other in the ether…

So, without further ado, listen, my friends, to the sweet sound of synchronicity…