Happy Birthday Sprinkles!

Happy Birthday Sprinkles!

Today's our birthday, and we're celebrating with an homage to our favorite cake decoration - SPRINKLES!

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Oh yeah. They've got sprinkles on every. single. base. Plus all the gorgeous variegated and semi-solid colorways of Malabrigo get to join the fun, too. Because (go with us here) what are sprinkles without delicious cake and frosting goodness along with them? ;)

No coupon needed - through Sunday 7/4.

lace in aniversario

Lace in Aniversario

mechita in paprika

Mechita in Paprika

silkpaca in parade

Silkpaca in Parade

sock in carnival

Sock in Carnival

arroyo in indecita

Arroyo in Indecita

sussuro in fire agate

Sussuro in Fire Agate

dos tierras in fairy tale

Dos Tierras in Fairy Tale

carpino in poipu

Caprino in Poipu

worsted in milonga

Worsted in Milonga

rios in medusa

Rios in Medusa

mecha in queguay

Mecha in Queguay

rasta in carousel

Rasta in Carousel

More Sprinkles More Better

With sprinkles on the brain, we've compiled the following list of yarns that remind us of different kinds of sprinkles...


wildstar supernova sock

Confetti - Wildstar Supernova Sock The ultimate embodiment of frosting and sprinkles. Buttery smooth with funky pops of color!

serendipitous wool co. guru

Crystal Sugar - Serendipitous Guru Sure to have you thinking, "Just one more stitch!"

hedgehog fibres twist sock

Nonpareils - Hedgehog Twist Sock A classic. Vibrant pops that are guaranteed to be your new favorite FO!

yoshi & lucy brillante

Sanding Sugar - Yoshi & Lucy Brillante Sprinkles AND glitter? Need we say more?!

less traveled sport

Jimmies - Less Traveled Sport Softer, blendable, gorgeous, and just as sweet.

qing fibres super soft aran

Dragees - Qing Supersoft Aran The biggest and punchiest sprinkle of them all!

...and a Cherry on Top

For our 10th birthday, Blue Moon Fiber Arts dyed us this amazing custom colorway, Twisted's 10th Anniversary SPECK-tacular (below). Like the rest of us, it only gets better with age, and inspired our sprinkled birthday craze.


bmfa super sparkle

Super Sparkle

bmfa str lightweight

STR Lightweight

bmfa str heavyweight

STR Heavyweight

bmfa plushy


That same year, then-Twisted-team-member and forever-Twisted-fam Kat Archer designed an adorable FREE cowl pattern, Ten and Counting, that perfectly shows off one skein of sprinkly speckledy yummy fingering-weight yarn. Download the pattern for free as our birthday party favor to you.

10 and counting cowl


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