SOW #3 Teaser

A trio of Haikus, just for you:

Caring for knitwear
Post-knitting is important
So let us help you

Sure, it’s lame. And dumb.
It’s not funny. Or cute. But…
I wrote it for you.

What will be on sale
Next week. Do you think these clues
Are at all helpful?

(I promise you, every Thursday, on this blog, I will give you, my lovelies, a super-duper lame teaser for the upcoming Sale of the Week. Feel free to make fun of me about it, that’s ok. And, I do take full responsibility for the lame-ness. I will let you know if someone else contributed some lame-osity to the teasers (Emily did for the very first one, the limerick about Louisa Harding, but it was mostly me.))