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Sock blockers

The apple does not fall far from the tree, as they say. So it’s no surprise that Shannon’s parents, Alma and Jay, are every bit as crafty, adorable, friendly, loveable and all around delightful as she is. Case in point, they have started producing handmade wooden sock blockers for us!
Sock blockers
Alma and Jay put a lot of love and time into each set and have really thought through what makes a good sock blocker. There are several different sizes ranging from children’s to mens’ large; they are lightweight but also sturdy; they have cut-outs to improve breathability and drying time; they’re thoroughly sealed to stand up to use with damp sockies; and they have a little hole at the top so you can hang them. Best of all, they have our logo stamped on the top. Perfection!

Sock blockersAnd when we say handmade, boy do we mean it. They are cut out, sanded, stamped, and varnished by Alma and Jay right at their log cabin manse in the wilds of northern Montana.

Sock blockers are the ultimate way to block your lace socks or, for that matter, any socks that you just want to look extra special – like gifts. And they’re a must for bloggers trying to get flattering photos of their socks for the web. Stop by and get yourself a set!

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