Search Tips

Exact search

Placing a search term between double quotes ("") searches for that exact word or phrase in one of the searchable fields. For example: "artichoke hearts" matches a product with the title Can of artichoke hearts, but not a product with the title Canned hearts of artichoke.

Singular and plural search terms

Searching tries to match terms in both their singular and plural forms. So, searching for Puppies matches results containing puppy or puppies.

This same function also takes into account the common stem of different words. Fo example, searching for leggings matches results containing leg or leggings.

Typo tolerance

The store search includes typo tolerance, which tries to find correct matches for search terms that contain typos. Search results include matches that differ from the search term by 1 letter or that have 2 letters in a different order. The first 4 letters of a search term need to be entered correctly for typo tolerance to take effect.

AND, OR and NOT operators

AND - All search terms are by default AND-ed together, so searching for artichoke hearts yields results containing both artichoke and hearts. Joining operators aren't necessary.

OR - Searching for artichoke OR hearts yields results containing at least one of artichoke or hearts.

NOT - Searching for results without a term can be done by prefixing the term with a minus sign. So, artichoke -heart matches terms with artichoke, but not heart.

Prefix search

Prefix search occurs automatically, for example: searching for appa matches both any mentions of Appa (the adorable friend-of-Twisted dog), as well any words that begin with appa, like apparently, apparition, etc. 

This also works on the last term of a search, for example: artichoke hea matches terms that begin with artichoke hea.

Searching specific fields

Add a field name with a colon to your search term to narrow your search for that term to the specified field. For example: title:artichoke searches for only product, page, or blog post titles that include the word artichoke. Products with artichoke in the description alone won't be shown in the search results.

Searching for a misspelled word won't work when searching specific fields, since this kind of search looks for an exact match. For example: title:artichoqe doesn't yield any results.

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