schaefer yarns in the house

gosh, i don’t think we have shared our latest fiber-y acquisition with all ya’ll yet. have you heard of a little company called, schaefer yarns? yeah, that fabulous hand-dyed sock yarn that all the cool kids are using? well, we scored three of their yarns, anne, lola, and andrea, and each is rich in color, soft in texture, and a true pleasure to craft with.. this stuff is seriously yummy, folks. cheryl & erich schaefer have been creating this loveliness for twenty-seven years, and you can tell by looking at, fondling, and yes, even smelling the yarn, how much pride they put into each skein.

schaefer-anne.jpganne is schaefer’s lofty merino-mohair fingering-weight sock yarn. this stuff is gorgeous, and at 560 yards to the skein, you can produce some serious socks or a lovely lace shawl or stole.

schaefer-lola.jpglola is a superwash merino wool, hanging out somewhere between sport and dk weight. perfect for those winter socks, hats, baby sweaters, or leg warmers (come on, you know you want to make some! bring back the 80s!!)

schaefer-andrea.jpgandrea is a lace-weight pure silk yarn. i imagine a night at the opera, a little black dress, and an andrea shawl.

now, if you’ll excuse me, i need to go knit, finish up some projects so i can start some socks or a shawl…