road trippin’

my beloved hubbie, s, had to make a trip to olympia earlier this week. it just so happened that emily and i needed shelving, and had agreed to go the ikea route, as our hookup for shelving fell through at the last minute. s graciously agreed to rent a trailer, borrow a truck, and head into the overwhelming insanity that is ikea for lil ole twisted.

we were sooo happy not to have to go up there – it’s a full day’s trip, and there is just so much to do at the shop. the next morning, he unloaded all 15 shelving units, and there they sat, practically stacked up to the rafters. em and i looked at each other, shrugged, and started tearing apart the boxes on the nearest unit. we couldn’t wait, even though dust has been flying, and in a short period of time, em and i had put an expedit shelving unit together.

shelf + yarn = happiness 4eva