custom shifting shadows cowls

Q&A: Build Your Own Kits

We have lots and lots of kits on our website, and they are wonderful ways to pick a new project and GO! But you can also build your own "kit" with the *exact* colors you want. Yes, you can!


The easiest way to begin is to go to the "Kits" section on our site. We've tried to make our kits streamlined for the easiest possible purchasing, so they show just a few of essentially infinite color options. We also offer yarn winding and needles/hooks on the same page as optional add-ons. BUT, one size fits all never fits all... Remember that infinity of color options? If you have the time and the inclination the world is your oyster...

Shown below: Malabrigo Lace in Zinc, Glazed Carrot, and Geranio

shifting shadows laceHOW DO I PICK COLORS?

Start by looking at the colors we've combined. Some projects look best with high contrast colors, or tonal ones, or one variegated and one solid color. Next, look up the listing for the yarn we recommend. See if one color speaks to you, then work from there to select coordinating ones for your project. If that yarn isn't floating your boat, consider other yarns of the same weight. We have all yarns listed by weight here to make that a little easier. (Ply and fiber content are considerations, too, depending on the project.)

Shown below: Malabrigo Mechita in Archangel, BMFA Featherlight in Thank You Emily, BMFA Featherlight in Rare Gems


Depending on what the project is, changing the weight of yarn could be perfectly fine! It will usually make the finished object either bigger or smaller depending on if your yarn choice is thicker or thinner than the original yarn. We have a whole other blog post about this if you want to dive deeper into that subject.

The Shifting Shadows shown at the left here is actually fingering weight instead of the original lace. It still takes three 100 g skeins cut into thirds and a small adjustment on needle size, but otherwise, the pattern works just fine! It makes a thicker fabric and slightly heavier garment, but if that's your goal, then go for it!

Shown below: Malabrigo Mechita in Archangel, BMFA Featherlight in Thank You Emily, BMFA Featherlight in Rare Gems

shifting shadows windingWHAT ABOUT WINDING?

We offer to wind for a small fee for any skein, for any purchase. One kit that needs special winding is our Shifting Shadows cowl. It requires each of the three colors of yarn to be split into three equal balls, which is much more time-intensive than just winding one skein into a ball. For any kit, whether you want us to wind or to do it yourself is up to you! (Though, remember, all wound yarn is your to love forever...)


Absolutely! Ravelry is one great place to find projects worked up in different color combinations. So is social media! Check if there is a hashtag out there for your project and see what other proud crafters are choosing. Still stuck? We have Zoom shopping appointments available and, just like a wine tasting, the small fee for booking a session is deducted if you make a product purchase.