Q&A: Basic Crochet Patterns

crochet samples

What we love most about crochet is its flexibility - and the fearless confidence of those who excel at it. Patterns, smatterns! Crochet is more organic and less rigidly linear than knitting. That means ability to make things up on the fly is one of crochet's super powers. That said, not everyone loves to wing it, so we have compiled a few of our favorite crochet go to's for those looking for their next crochet project...


  • My First Crochet Hat by Beth Bonkowksi - This is the one Twistedista Anny teaches in the crochet hat class and it's a great basic hat for all sizes...
  • The Warbler Beanie - Bobbles! In crochet!


  • The Monarch Sweater - Who doesn't want a monarch on their hand knits?
  • The Starling Cardigan - Fully customizable for about any size, width or length. A great intermediate crochet pattern in chunky yarn for those ready to take the leap to garments.

Not quite sure what's next? Twistedista Ali recommends checking out designer Knits 'N Knots on Ravelry