On Slim Shady

So, some of you have been noting that we’re not posting to the blog as much lately. And it’s true. We’re veeerrry sorry!

The reasons are several, from the personal (my kitchen sink literally exploded) to the ridiculous (just mention mini CDs and I swear you’ll see a new hair turn gray), but the main one is computer problems… and I’m sure many of you can commiserate.
Our computer, (named Slim Shady – also a good story there, but I digress), has been rebelling lately. Long story short, things are back on track, but we’re having to set up a new sales program and it is hugely time consuming. So a few things, like blogging, have fallen off a bit. Please take pity on us – we’re only human and computers are only computers!

symbol.jpgWhen we get it up and running, you’ll be able to check out much faster than before and we’ll have easier and more accurate access to information like stock levels and pending orders. We even have a barcode scanner, but we haven’t named that yet.

Thank you so much for your understanding while we work through this to make your Twisted experience better than ever.

PS – We have a limited supply of Painted Skeins Silver Sock yarn back in stock!