noro + sock yarn = love


these are the final pair of socks i knit in 2007 – my noro kureyon sock yarn socks. oh, how i love these socks. the yarn is pretty fab to work with – at first, it seems very rough and maybe like it’s not going to be that much fun to knit with, but it does truly soften as you work it. and the colors are so insanely wonderful! the socks feel great on, and i hand-washed them last night in warm water and soak – the flora scent, which is tre yummy, by the way, and the socks look great! the noro sock yarn has not been taken on a full knit-socks-trial-test, but preliminary investigations say this is good stuff. we’ve got 7 of the 12 colors right now, with the rest due to arrive in the next few months.


ETA: tonight is also our first official open crafting night of 2008! come on by, reconnect with your knitting homeys, and chill out in our knit-shop living room!