New Twisted Logo Tools From Katrinkles

katrinkles tools

This week we received an especially exciting box - ok yes we get pretty excited about all of them - a whole family of brand new tools from Katrinkles featuring the Twisted logo! From sock rulers to darning looms, we've got something to fit every need and every notions bag. These puppies are US-made with love from mostly US materials.


We love a good gauge swatch (p.s. always do a gauge swatch) and decided to show it by putting our logo on as many sizes of rulers as possible.



Sock Tools

Our Katrinkles binge started when we fell in love with their new sock darning loom. If you are a sock knitter, that means you're also a sock darner, like it or not... Then we saw their sock ruler and, well, suddenly we neeeeeeeeeded one of everything. 


image from katrinkles


kitchener fob


Mix and Match Mini Tools

Select the exact pieces you need to make your ideal tool kit. Have right at your fingertips tools like yarn, needle, and hook sizers, Kitchener stitch reminders, and a cheat sheet of standard sock sizing! 





Even More Tools

And last but not least, a few more non-logo but how-did-I-ever-live-without-this beauties from Katrinkles that we just couldn't resist! 


4"dpn holder6"dpn holder8"dpn holder


tassel makerwpi tool 

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