Nananana, nananana, hey, hey, hey, goodbye…

Many of you have come to know my mother, Alma, quite a bit better these last few months. She’s been a fabulous and welcome addition both to the Twisted family, and to our own little household, but she needs to get back home to Montana. Her last official day was Tuesday, and she’s hitting the road next week (gulp!), but we are having a party for her on Friday night (May 14)! As an added bonus, her sister, my Aunt, Kath will be here, too!

Who’s going to help Alma eat her lunch, after all?

Or her dinner, for that matter? Heehee!

We’ll start at about 5:30 and go till 8pm. It’s an open house kinda thing, so stop on by, knit a few rows, have some snackies, and give her a hug goodbye. We’ll miss having her here daily, but you know she’ll be back frequently. She can’t be without her BFF Hazel for tootoo long!