movie night tonight, starring the two coreys

200px-license_to_drive_poster.PNGyep, you got that right – corey haim and corey feldman will be gracing our screen with their best team-up ever, license to drive. a synopsis from rotten tomatoes: “Les (Corey Haim) is about to go through one of the most important adolescent rites-of-passage: He’s all set to take his driver’s license exam. And Les had better pass, cause his younger buddies are depending on him to free them from the onerous malady of parental vehicular dependency. Adding to his pressure is his hot date with Mercedes (Heather Graham), a super-babe, that Les has lied his way into. Les fails the test. But he’s not discouraged because when you haven’t got it, you can fake it! So he steals his grandfather’s near-vintage, baby-blue caddy that’s just back from the shop. Once the wheels are out on the road, it’s no turning back for the teens on the town. Too bad everything that could go wrong does go wrong, as Les’s cool evening out becomes his worst nightmare.”

the two coreys were quite the hot commodity back in the day – they starred in many movies together, including dream a little dream and the lost boys. they were teen heartthrobs, particularly that yummy corey haim, and in a fit of “let’s continue to capitalize on our former glory,” they even teamed up for a reality-type show, the two coreys, which i never saw, or heard of, until doing a bit of research for this blog post. i did find a comment on imdb that states, simply, “not terrible.” in the spirit of exciting those who saw license to drive when it first came out, here is a recent photo of the two coreys:


i leave it to you to decide if they have aged well or not. i vote for not so much…