More Clicks are in

At long last, we’ve received a few more sets of Addi’s new Click interchangeable sets. If you’d like one give us a call at 503-922-1150.

The addi Click system provides 10 different sizes of addi Turbo™ tips (US 4 – US 15), three different lengths of cord (24”, 32” and 40”), and one connector piece which helps to either store stitches or combine your cords.

The Click tips require no tools to change; simply insert the cord into the tip, twist and release. I’ve used them and the tips are easy to insert, very secure, and have an extremely smooth join. If you’d like to take a look for yourself, we have a set you can try out here at the shop.

The set is $150, but it offers 90 different needle/cord combinations. That would be in the neighborhood of $1500 if you bought all those size/lengths of Addi needles separately. See, really, it’s a deal!