meet me at the oasis, with a tall ‘tini and some knitted wit. oh, and a painted skein on the side.

could that BE a lamer title? i swear, emily had NOTHING to do with it – all me, peeps. all me.

but, it’s a good intro to what we have received these last few days. a BUNCH of really fun, really gorgeous stuff. this has been the week for great sock (and other) yarns to come to twisted for a visit before making their way home with some of you all. what’s arrived? two brand-new-to-us dying artists, and an infusion of a line or two we already carry. plus, some supa-fly local handspun. everything is absolutely divine.

ashabee’s fiber comes in three different blends, all three fingering weight. the blends: superwash merino, bamboo-nylon-superwash merino, and tencel-superwash merino. this stuff does not disappoint, people. bright, soft, lovely. the straight-up merino is, as merino should be, lofty and bouncy. the tencel blend is shimmery. and the bamboo blend is just plain SOFT. can’t wait to make me a pair of socks in every blend miss ashley works with.






we also received some local, breathtaking, stop-your-heart handspun from not one, but TWO amazing women. helen from painted skeins






Lorajean from knitted wit (photo below) brought this yarn over on Sunday night…oh, i can’t even describe it, except to say that any self-respecting knitter would want to dive right in. knitting this stuff would be an added bonus to merely owning it. i can imagine gazing at it lovingly and petting it every once in a while, while trying to think of a project worthy of its beauty. whooooooooooooo.

Lorajean also brought some of her hand-dyed sock yarn, which is beautiful. her sense of color is divine, soft and soothing, yet eye-catching. her yarn is a fingering, as well. we have a bunch of fantabulous colors to choose from.



a box of woolarina showed up at our doorstep last week, too, and it is awesome! bright and soft. yummy







and, this morning, we got a big ole box of yarntini fingering. many of you have been asking for this, and it is well worth the wait. most of you probably already know what a color genius jessie is, but for those who don’t, please stop by and check it out






Tonight begins our open crafting night, so come on by, fondle the new sock yarns, and stitch with other crafty folk. we have plenty of comfortable seating, soothing teas, and great juices. our first movie night was a huge success, and we’d like to thank everyone who came by to giggle their way through ‘Shawn of the Dead.” this friday begins our foray into “Supernatural” territory…