March’s Winner and April’s Contest

March’s challenge, if you’ll recall, was to write a yarn or knitting related limerick, and you guys really delivered! But we can’t stop chuckling at this one by Esther S:

There was a young gent in a flasher’s mac,
Who cried, when the ladies did turn their back,
“I wanted to show ya
My fab, new pullover.
I knit it myself, and in entrelac”


Esther’ll be taking home a rather divine skein of handspun Malabrigo Angora yarn. Mmm.

For April we’re going back to a photo contest format, and want you all to do some flashing of your own. Oh god! No! Not that! Put your shirt back on. April’s photo contest is “Flash your Stash!” (as in- snap a picture of it. Don’t actually flash it. I mean, you can if you want, it’s yarn and it won’t judge, but don’t submit a picture of you flashing it. Please.)

We’re not sure yet what will constitute a winning picture, so feel free to be creative. Maybe it’ll be the biggest, or the prettiest, or the most colorful, or the best organized, or the funniest. Who knows? The only requirement is that it features your stash. But whatever picture makes us laugh/smile/drool/gasp the most will win you a set of easy-on-the-hands Kollage Square double pointed needles (size 1, 6″) and an H2O+ hand care set (hand and nail cream and antibacterial gel) to help you get that stash knitted up.

To enter, just take your picture and add it to the Twisted Flickr Pool. Good luck! We can’t wait to see those beautiful stashes.