March Haiku Winner, April Theme

March’s haiku contest winner was crafting for pets, and the prize was the book Stylish Knits for Dogs, by Ilene Hochberg. The winning entry is from Alessandra, Faye, and the Sockettes (the nom de guerre of our Sunday Studio Class).

party dressAs ardent readers of our blog will already know, I have a much-adored, much-pampered French Bulldog named Carat who is the dirty, shedding, vomiting, slightly smelly center of my world. Alessandra also has a Frenchie, named Bucky, who is similarly doted upon. For the past few weeks (months?) Alessandra has been trying to persuade me to knit Carat a lacy “party dress” from the book Dogs in Knits by Judith L. Swartz – photo to the right.

She has even gone so far as to start planning Bucky’s “bark mitzvah” so that Carat will have an occasion requiring formal attire. I am currently knitting a sweater for both myself and my mom, so one – especially a lace one – for my dog has gotten on the Ravelry queue, but hasn’t made the top of the list… In any event, here’s the haiku:

Bucky’s sweater rocks.
What about his naked friend?
Carat needs a dress!
Bucky, in the lovely sweater Alessandra knit him.
Carat, naked and alone in this cold, cruel world.

Now for April! Your theme: crafting and the weather. Does it inspire you? Thwart you? Lure you outside in the summer? Trap you indoors in the spring? Click here to enter your best haiku. This month’s prize: The book Knitty Gritty Knits, by Vickie Howell.

And, last but not least, here are all the other crafting for pet themed haikus from March. Thanks for entering!

There’s a trail of yarn
With suspiciously wet ends
Leading to kitty

spayed, funny cone head
fancy, stylish puppy paws
sedatives, sleepy

As the rising sun
Peaks over the horizon
The day has begun.

Only reason to
get a dog is to knit it
cute little sweater

Black cat, yellow yarn.
Untangle, must knit my socks.
Now he hunts the pair.

the monkey climbs tall
his tail a string in the wind
he is really hot

Chihuahua winters
garbed in thick handspun jacket
knit with dreams of sun

Nice dog, lots of drool
My sock is covered in slime
Where is your owner?

He ripped all I knit,
entwined paws and tail in twist;
called ‘Brave Dachshund’ this!

I love that cotton.
Hidden? Ha. My nose will find.
Hung from fan? You win.

Your dog will love you
Whether you get gauge or not
Bark! Bark! Bark! Knit on.

Ocean, old and gray.
My girl you’ve been, loyal true.
Fall dog socks, fall down.

Made you a cat bed
But, well, you seem to prefer
Anything but that.

Perfect dog sweater!
(The chihuahua disagrees
And rolls in the mud.)

New puppy is here
Two skeins of Lorna’s Laces
One eaten, short scarf!

You liked chewing it
until I knit your sweater –
Why growl at it now?

Knitted dog coat just so cute;
Itzie will keep warm.
She’s hiding under the bed!

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